we began as a humble seed

Join us on the journey to food enlightenment. It starts with Flower Child's fundamental promise to serve healthy food for a happy world. It means we work with ranchers who respect, protect and love their animals - and our food supply. Our proteins are all raised naturally, without additives. Our organic produce is guided by the wisdom of the Environmental Working Group.
“healthy food for a happy world”
This journey often leads us home. Local sourcing is a priority. We know our farmers and their families. Our food is always cooked fresh. And served quickly. We're fast. But we never cut corners. You can taste it. We are grateful. Humbled. Honored. We're thrilled you're a Flower Child, too. Thank you for being part of the revolution. Peace, love and see you soon.

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We’re Tee-ing Up Good Vibes with NEW Happy Gear for a Happy World
Embody happiness from the gym to brunch with our NEW Flower Child swag. Totes to tuck away your Farmer’s Market finds (or Flower Child To-Go!) and tumblers to fill up with lemonade for the road. Even the little ones can join our good vibe tribe with head-turning statement tees and onesies. We have something for […]
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Date: September 1-30
Time: All Day
Place: Flower Child Arcadia
Learn the benefits of Avocados and why we are donating 100% of proceeds from our Avocado Hummus to the Joy Bus Foundation this September!
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5 Reasons People Order Food To-Go
Because ordering food to-go is the new going out to eat.
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Mother’s Day at Fox Restaurant Concepts
Date: Sunday, May 8th
Treat Mom to a memorable meal for Mother’s Day and start paying her back for everything that she does. Learn more...
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Earth Day with Flower Child
Date: Friday, April 22nd
Place: All Flower Child Locations
For a true flower child, every day is Earth Day, but on April 22 we celebrate with the rest of the world and you! See what we have in store for our flower children...
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We Invite You To Join Us For Easter Brunch
Date: Sunday, March 27th
While the kids are excited about the Easter Bunny coming to town, the adult thing to do is brunch. See how our restaurants are celebrating the holiday...
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